Super Bowl XLV, According to Tecmo

Well folks, it’s Super Bowl season again. In true Super Bowl week fashion/anticipation, people are making predictions about who will win, by how much, who will make the TD’s, the interceptions, and who will find themselves at the bottom of a 10-man pileup most often. There’s plenty of sites that have run simulations of this big game to do just that. But my simulator of choice is an old-school classic: TECMO SUPER BOWL!

Remember when it was cool to play for the Cowboys?

Obviously, you have to do a little hacking to update the rosters, stats and whatnot, and there’s always a dedicated group of a few rom hackers who get together every season to make hacks, usually many as the season progresses. (Like when Brett Favre can’t decide if he wants to retire for the 28th time.)

What sets this apart from other, lame simulators, is that while the other ones just spit out scores and a few other stats, this one actually plays out the game! The primary focus of this game was to play along in the season, but you could also let the computer take on itself and effectively simulate what the game would be like. So now you can actually see how many times Ben Roethlisberger gets sacked by A.J. Hawk instead of just seeing the number in a stat sheet.

With that in mind, I give you this recording of a simulation I recently did with this year’s Tecmo Super Bowl rom. The stats/rosters have been updated, and it was com vs. com, to keep it real. (As real as Tecmo gets anyway…)

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