WIP: Rotterdam (Feeling) Romance: Need Your Opinion…

Ridge Racer

Earlier this week I shared what I made so far with “Rotterdam Romance (Lady Gaga vs. Shinji Hosoe).” In this past week I’ve almost finished it, but then I hit a creative fork in the road last night.

I was listening to some of the other songs in Hosoe’s Ridge Racer soundtrack, namely a song called “Feeling Over,” and then it hit me: Bad Romance would mash well with this song too!

And that’s what I did… and it sounds gorgeous! If you weren’t a fan of the crazy chaos in Rotterdam Romance, you’ll find this to be refreshing, more laid back, and reminiscent of early 90s house music.

But now I can’t decide whether I want to keep “Rotterdam Romance,” or just go with this new mashup which I’m tentatively calling “Feeling Romance.” Or, should I keep them both and make one big mix with both of them, or release them both separately?

Again, here’s the first minute or so of Rotterdam Romance:

And here’s the first minute or so of Feeling Romance:

Vote for what you think I should do with this in the poll below! And as always, feel free to leave additional comments.