New Look, New Name, Same Great Taste!

Do not adjust your browser. No, your computer didn’t just devolve into an monochrome Apple II, it’s the new, retro (we prefer that over old) look for S.M.R.E.O.H.U.!

But wait, wasn’t it originally, S.M.R.E.O.H.C.? Well I changed that, too. Why, you ask? It’s a long-ish story…

The original, as well as this new name, comes from a quote by John Cleese at the very end of Alan Parsons’ “A Valid Path” album:

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Spring Has Broken, and In Some Places More Than Others

I just got back from a long, semi-restful yet busy Spring Break. I haven’t had time to do much blog-side, so for now, enjoy this article I wrote for the KACU FM Blog about the coming of spring, or “pre-summer” as it’s known in some areas. Stay tuned, there’s great stuff on the way! ~SmaMan


Spring has sprung

The grass is ‘riz

I wonder where the flowers is…


It’s safe to say that once temperatures hit 90 degrees, spring has hit the Big Country, or at least whatever bit of spring we end up with. As any West Texan with a sense of humor (or perhaps cynicism) will tell you, the four seasons of West Texas include Pre-Summer, Summer, Post-Summer, and Christmas. “Pre-Summer,” the season we’re entering into now, is known for its shorter, less intense bursts of summer heat coupled with the few remaining breaths of the strong “Post-Summer” winds. Continue reading