Three Blind Mashups (Not really blind, but it sounded cool that way)

Here’s what I like to call a “catch-up post.” While this blog may have looked dead, I certainly wasn’t. I’ve still been producing a lot of fun stuff, like three new mashups. I haven’t gotten around to talking about them, or sharing the insight about them here, though. So let’s get started!

Rotterdam Romance (Lady Gaga vs. Shinji Hosoe)

This is the one I let you guys vote on! Remember? Thanks to everyone that did… all 4 of you. This mashup (and the next one) came about when I got Ridge Racer again for my PS1. It also marks my second Lady Gaga mashup, and probably not the last. Now this may make it seem like I’m a huge Gaga fan, but I’m not, really. As I may have mentioned before, these mashups just pop into my head on a random basis. I hear songs and think, “Wow, these would go great together.” Lady Gaga’s music is everywhere these days, so this increases the likeliness that they get into my head, screw around with other songs I’m hearing, and give birth to beautiful mashups like this one. (It is a lot like childbirth, but not always painful.)

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