About the Author

I’m Blane Singletary, but many of you probably know me first and foremost as “Sma Man.”

I graduated from Abilene Christian University in Abilene, Texas where I studied Electronic Media. I worked as an announcer, host, and reporter for a local public radio station, KACU.

I currently work for KTXS as their Morning News Producer.*

I tend to get involved in various artistic endeavors in my spare time. You can find about a lot of them on this blog, and even more of them on various other sites around the net.

My Soundcloud – This is where my musical endeavors go…

My YouTube Channel – This is where my (you guessed it) videos go…

KACU FM – This is the radio station I used to work at. Still a great station to listen to! You can also find a lot of old Eye on Entertainment podcasts here.

Thanks for looking me up, and have a nice day!

*DISCLAIMER: Views/opinions expressed in this blog are purely mine, and not necessarily those of any media organizations I am affiliated with.