What I’ll be writing this NaNoWriMo… “Enter Sma Man!”

It’s November! Can you believe it? That means I and millions of others around the world are about to embark on a quest to write 50,000 words in one month, and have a blast doing it.

I told you about the novel I began last year in an earlier post. I pondered using this time of great motivation to finish it. I’ve been crawling ever since November ended. I’m now to about 85,000 words total, and just barely digging into the third and final act. I’ve come to the realization that I’m getting a little burnt out on it. (A huge contrast to last year at this time, where I couldn’t wait to get started.) So, I’m going to set it aside this next month and get to another story that’s been begging to be written.

Newcomers may be asking who this “Sma Man” is in the title of this blog. It’s both the screen name I’ve been using everywhere since about 2004, and an original character that I’ve been known to cosplay as on a random basis. He’s a masked man, wearing all blue, except for the “SMA” written across his shirt and his red, glowing eyes. I’ve written small, incidental stories about him, and drew comics on looseleaf on the downtime in classes throughout high school and college. He’s never really had a defined origin, universe, or cast of supporting characters. He just pops in wherever I was thinking about that day. One instance he could be drastically unprepared to fight a dragon, or helping the random stock photo people in my textbook find the magic fairy dust, and everything in between. He was also the host of my currently suspended-in-development web series, “Breaking the Commercials.”

The one constant has been his character. He’s a optimistic individual, sometimes too much for his own good. He’s very curious, which frequently gets him into trouble. Ultimately, in whatever he’s doing, he wants to have a good time. He’ll move onto something else if it gets boring. Oh, and he has super powers, but he’s not sure what those are.

So one day, not too long ago, I asked myself, as I have many times, where did he come from? What is his origin? Then I thought, what if he doesn’t have one?!

What if he just woke up one day in a hotel lobby, with no prior memories? And that’s it. He wouldn’t be one to care about what happened before that point, since he always finds enjoyment in the present.

That’s it! He’s a man with amnesia who doesn’t care about what memories he lost! What a concept! But the rest of the world sure would…

The past has a funny way of catching back up with you, whether you like it or not. Around the same time of his “origin” a horde of trans-dimensional demons took over a small town. Again, Sma Man’s not one to care about this too long, but when they look like him, and say he’s one of them, things get complicated.

So, how does he reconcile his possibly dark and evil past with the new friends and life he’s made in the present? I don’t know. I’ll let you know as soon as I find out next month.

To all those attempting NaNoWriMo with me, I salute you. And hey, let’s be writing buddies! I made some great friends doing this last year and I look forward to many more. Post a link to your novel on the NaNo website in the comments. Here’s mine: http://nanowrimo.org/participants/smaman/novels/enter-sma-man

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