A Fable About Patience when Dealing with Technology

This week, I was hoping to introduce to you, and the rest of the world, my new web series. Due to a rather bone-headed move on my part, however, that won’t be possible for a while.

A couple of weeks ago, after a rather successful and overall fruitful test screening, I was about to sit down and iron out the few final kinks that the screeners picked up on, (if you’re reading this guys, thanks again!) and get ready to send this pilot episode on to a web series network for approval. I opened up my computer, grabbed out my external hard drive where the video footage, assests, etc. were, hooked up the FireWire, but something was missing: my external’s AC adaptor. Yes, it’s one of those high-end, faster drives that requires its own power source.

I looked all over for it, gradually becoming frustrated. I wanted to get this pilot episode out NOW, dammit!

Resolving that I wasn’t going to find it any time soon, (and this is when I should have just stopped for the night and tried again tomorrow) I started looking around for other adaptors that I might be able to use in its place. I checked my video game consoles’ adaptors, the older ones themselves are mostly inter-changeable. The voltage looked like it might work, but none of the plugs fit into the back of the drive.

And then I found it: my first laptop computer’s AC adaptor. It belonged to an old HP that still held residence beneath my desk. I probably should’ve thrown it out or donated it years ago. But that day, I saw salvation within it.

I knew full well what could happen with a mis-matched power supply: a fried hard drive with no easy way to recover the precious data locked inside. I’ve had to buy replacement adaptors before, and I’ve always done my homework to make sure that what I was getting would be compatible. I did the same research this time with this decades old plug that seemed and it looked as if this one would work fine. Cautiously, I plugged it in.

Eureka! The drive began to spin up and turn on! The Seagate logo began to light up, and all seemed well!

And then it abruptly cut off. There was no further response whatsoever. I tried unplugging and plugging it back in again. Still nothing. Regret began to well up as I realized I’ve done something wrong. Very wrong.

Minutes later, I found my hard drive’s original AC adaptor, under the kitchen table of all places. I tried once more to hook it up; still nothing. All seemed lost… at least as far as this new show was concerned.


After having a few people look at it, it seems like it might not be completely dead. If not the drives themselves, the data looks recoverable for a much more affordable price than what I’ve seen this could cost. So, while I don’t have the data back yet, I’m staying optimistic.

But if not money, this has certainly cost time. I’ve lost a good couple of weeks I could be using to work on this. If I would’ve calmed down, waited a few hours, and looked again, I could’ve used the original adaptor and I actually could’ve been telling you about episode 2 today.

The moral of this story is patience. It is a virtue in all things, and while technology goes faster every day, we need to slow down and weigh out a decision before we take the leap. Just a little time there, could mean saving a ton of time later on.

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