New Look, New Name, Same Great Taste!

Do not adjust your browser. No, your computer didn’t just devolve into an monochrome Apple II, it’s the new, retro (we prefer that over old) look for S.M.R.E.O.H.U.!

But wait, wasn’t it originally, S.M.R.E.O.H.C.? Well I changed that, too. Why, you ask? It’s a long-ish story…

The original, as well as this new name, comes from a quote by John Cleese at the very end of Alan Parsons’ “A Valid Path” album:

“…That’s the sort of interchange we should be having. Not these strange, rambling expirations of your unconscious…

Now the first few times I listened to this song, I thought we has saying, “your own conscious.” But the more I hear it, the more I think he’s saying “unconscious.” Also, it just makes a bit more sense that way. Both in the song and in the title of this blog.

Think about it. This is where I post all my interesting ideas, both complete and incomplete. They mostly reside in my mind and try to find their way to my canvas, be it audio or visual, for you to enjoy.

So yeah, tell me what you think of the name and theme. And also what you think of this “rambling of my subconscious.” (That’s work in progress to all of you who didn’t read the above action.)

SmaMan out!

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