Not (currently) Released Music

As I’ve mentioned many many times before, just because I’m not posting here doesn’t mean I’m not doing anything. I’m just busy with other things. In many cases I’m still producing things under the Sma Man brand, they just don’t quite get finished. Of course this could be for many reasons. So, to shamelessly cash in (even though this is free) on said unfinished works, I bring you… THIS!!!

Bet you never thought you’d see Justin Timberlake, Jessie J, and Sonic the Hedgehog residing in the same cell, did you?

Included this 14-minute EP is a megamix chock-full of 20 cuts from unreleased tracks I’ve started but haven’t quite seen through to the end… yet. Many of these are in varying stages of completion. Some of these started sounding excellent in my head, but didn’t work too well on the mixing board. (Couldn’t find good-quality stems, etc.) Others may be a good ways along, but I stopped working on them for the time being. And some of these are practically finished, but are just waiting. There might be something I want to tweak, perhaps, such as EQ levels and the like. You’ll even hear a few of my very early mashup attempts which I have deemed not good enough to post online… until now!

You won’t just be hearing unfinished mashups, either. A few tracks in here are completely original electronica, including a couple of drafts of a theme song for this ill-fated mini TV/web-series/thing (it’s complicated…) My electronica career is still in it’s infancy. Much like when I was starting my mashup career, I’m in the process of trial, error, and discovery as I try to find my own sound. I guess you could say this is my first real foray into it.

One more thing, I do plan on officially releasing many of these songs you’ll hear in this megamix. So if you’re enjoying some of them, don’t give up hope! (In fact, let me know which ones you are enjoying, either in the comment box or anywhere else you can find me!)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this 20-pack of unreleased nuggets of joy. Here’s the list of flavors included in order. Dipping sauce is available at the counter.

(times in parentheses vary, as all the tracks transition into one another)

(00:00) 1. Don’t You Want Me (original electronic-type cover)

(00:24) 2. Straight Up Kicks (Foster the People vs. Tube & Berger)

(01:01) 3. A LONELY FIREFLY (Owl City vs. this one SD Gundam game on Super Famicom…)

(01:33) 4. Maximum Sexyback (Justin Timberlake vs. Ridge Racer Revolution) [if someone could tell me the artist on the RRR track, I’d greatly appreciate it]

(02:23) 5. Westerly II [This is the final draft for that TV thing I mentioned above, I’m working on making it into a more complete song. Other than that it’s technically released in the video I linked to.]

(02:49) 6. Michael Rosen Moon (Michael Rosen vs. Yuzo Koshiro)

(03:28) 7. Two Week Tag (Jessie J vs. Grizzly Bear)

(04:18) 8. Derezzed Child (Daft Punk vs. The Crystal Method)

(04:55) 9. Introspective  (SmaMan) [working title]

(05:34) 10. Party Rock Dollar (LMFAO vs. King Kong & D. Jungle Girls)

(06:40) 11.Dynamite Starmen (Taio Cruz vs. Keiichi Suzuki)

(07:05) 12. Kid Dynamite (Taio Cruz vs. Daniel Haaksman feat. MC Miltinho)

(08:03) 13. The Other Side of Brooklyn (Barry Manilow vs. The Moody Blues)

(09:00) 14. Tony Bennett Visits the Twoson Dept. Store (Tony Bennett vs. Keiichi Suzuki vs. Super Mario Bros 2)

(09:37) 15. Final Bye-Bye-Bye (NSYNC vs. Sonic the Hedgehog 3)

(10:36) 16. Westerly I (the first draft of the song for that TV thing, blah-blah, read text above)

(11:19) 17. Venus in the 3rd Degree (Eric Woolfson’s Gambler vs. Bananarama)

(11:43) 18. Wobble the Bassline (Vic vs. Jet Set Radio)

(12:23) 19. Spring Yard Wobble (Vic vs. Sonic the Hedgehog)

(13:15) 20. Splash You! [Last Wave Mix] (Cee Lo Green vs. Sega SST Band)

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