Eye On Entertainment: Three years and counting…

You should probably know what has been taking up the most of my time the past month, and cumulatively, the last three years…

This, my friends, is a radio program I’ve built from the foundation up and have been writing for, directing, and hosting for the past three years as of this past Friday. The concept is simple: it’s a weekly 15-minute entertainment radio show. We skip past the tabloids to bring you what you really want to know about entertainment. It currently airs on Abilene Public Radio, so naturally we focus on events in that area, though we do occasionally look (get it?) at national matters.

At times, it can be a pain to keep producing content for this show on a weekly basis, but honestly, it’s been a blast! I mean, how many people at my age (22) get to say they host a radio show?! It’s won plenty of awards as well, including Best Production at the Texas Intercollegiate Press Awards. (TIPA)

It all started one evening. I had been working at Abilene Public Radio for about a month and a half, when I got a station-wide email from my manager, Josh Jones. He was looking to start a weekly entertainment segment, and wondered who was interested. I said, “Sure, why not!” And the rest is history…

We went on the air as a 2 and a half minute segment after the News @ Noon on Fridays, then a 5-minute segment, then 10, and now 15-minutes… and sometimes even longer than that. I’ve had the privilege of speaking with some rather big names in the industry, such as John Buxton of Antiques Roadshow, country and later Broadway singer-songwriter Gary Morris, even one of my childhood heroes Benny “Grunch” Antin. (look him up… seriously.)

I plan to continue producing this show as long as I can, and as long as I have a platform to host it on. Now, avid blog reader, you might be thinking, “How have I not heard of this show?” It is understandable. I actually can’t believe that I haven’t ever mentioned this show on this blog, when it has been such a huge part of my life, professionally and creatively. So let’s fix all that now! Tune into Eye on Entertainment and keep up with the show at the following locations:

KACU.org – The primary station it airs on, Fridays at 12:15-ish. If you live in Abilene or the surrounding “Big Country” area, you can hear it on your FM or HD radio at 89.7 FM (HD-1) If not, there’s an online listening link on that page. You can also download the NPR News app for iOS and Android and hear it there!

Podcasts -Missed the show? Hear it here! We plan on having the shows up by the next Monday after they’ve aired. (Most of the time…) We occasionally drop in web-exclusive treats here, such as extended interviews with our guests. Mmm!

Facebook – If you like me, then you should like my show. Period.

Twitter – Yes, you can also follow me @SmaMan. Yes I also post some about the show there. But if you want to hear even more about the show as it develops, you really ought to follow it @EOEkacu

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