I’m Back! Again!

*blows even more dust off the blog*
Well it’s been a year since I said I would be back with more updates,  and what a year it was, so now it’s about time I make good on that promise!

I got a lot school-side accomplished certainly, and plenty of other personal creative things you can see at the various sites I keep pointing out. We’ll talk about them here a bit but I ultimately have other plans for this blog.

I want this to be the place where I talk about what I’m doing creatively, maybe briefly touching on life events, what video games I’m playing at the moment, etc. But mostly what I’m doing creatively. Expect more work in progress samples and the like!

Also, I’m looking to change the look of this site. Right now the background is a super close-up of one of my images. (which was WP’s doing, probably doesn’t know how to handle my ultra hi-res pics!)

Anyway, a big thanks to everyone who’s kept on checking here. I promise to make it worth your while. I got a bit of a headache so I’m going to leave it at this for now.

And on the subject of works in progress, here’s a mostly completed treat for you all!

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