Music Video: Need Your Eye in the Sky (Lady Antebellum vs. Alan Parsons Project)

“It’s a quarter after seven, I’m all alone, but I made this vid!”

Every so often, I’ll get the urge to make a music video of one of my mashups. I’ve been tossing ideas about this one in my head for a while, and I figured it was about time to produce this one, especially since “Need You Now” won best song at the Grammy’s last month… amidst this controversy. As many blogs have reported, there are many distinct melodic similarities. Some are calling it a ripoff. Lisa Parsons (whom I can identify as Alan’s wife) called them out, and that’s when things really got cookin’.

I admit the first time I heard “Need You Now” I got that “ding!” I usually get when I hit an idea for a mashup thinking, “Hey, this would go well with Eye in the Sky!” I set it aside and worked on other projects, but then it began making headlines, and I had to revisit it.

So I melded them together in Soundtrack; all I really had to do was transpose “Need You Now’s” vocals down a few semitones, click down the tempo a tad, and arrange sections “ever-so-slightly.” I’d say it was one of my easiest mashups thus far, though I haven’t done too many.

If this issue were to go to court, (and this is my own opinion) I think Eye in the Sky would have a hard time. The two songs’ refrains have nearly the same melody, and as this mashup proves, Eye in the Sky’s melody fits near-perfectly under Lady Antebellum’s vocals, but (again, my own opinion) the two songs are different enough that the similarities would go in the books as coincidental, an homage at best.

But it sure does make you think, doesn’t it?

Anyhoo, onto the video! As you may or may not know, Eye in the Sky never got a music video, (a shame considering it’s their best known song) so instead, I used footage from another Alan Parsons music video for “Don’t Answer Me.” This as you’ll notice, is from the golden age of MTV, when music videos were creative, and didn’t just see how many scantily clad women could shake their money-makers for 3-4 minutes.

It’s one of my favorite music videos of all time, definitely in my Top 10. But what’s really cool is all the similarities between Need You Now’s lyrics/music video, and this music video, such as “‘Nother shot of whiskey” and the car scene. (In the whiskey’s case, it fits better, since NYN’s video has the guy drinking coffee… LAME!)

Enjoy the video mashup, and don’t forget, you can download this mashup and all my mashups at

P.S. I just found out today is Lady Gaga’s birthday. Whoopee-%*#!ing do! She’s 25! I realize the neat opportunity to release that Lady Gaga vs. Ridge Racer mashup I keep talking about but, it’s coming… really soon… maybe even tomorrow.

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