"We live in the city of dreams...."

Oh the photos you can shop… and the things you can do with them in said program! This demonstrates the fun that can be had with grayscaling and duotones. The best/worst part is there are soooo many ways you can tweak this to change the image coloring. Even now I’m thinking ways I could tweak this image…

This and the other images after the jump were taken on a scenic photoshoot just off E. Overland Trail here in Abilene, TX. It’s near the U.S. Postal Service’s sorting center for this area, and a Coca-Cola distribution plant. (Hence why you see a mail truck off to the left-ish.) I’d like to go back and shoot up the center itself, since it kind of has that cool abandoned secret base look to it, even though it’s not abandoned and only slightly secret.

Until then, here’s some of the other images I took. Many of these are at various steps in the duotone process, and some not edited at all. Enjoy!

Also, that poll about the Bad Romance/Ridge Racer mashup is still open. Head over there and vote now!

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