WIP: Rotterdam (Feeling) Romance: Need Your Opinion…

Ridge Racer

Earlier this week I shared what I made so far with “Rotterdam Romance (Lady Gaga vs. Shinji Hosoe).” In this past week I’ve almost finished it, but then I hit a creative fork in the road last night.

I was listening to some of the other songs in Hosoe’s Ridge Racer soundtrack, namely a song called “Feeling Over,” and then it hit me: Bad Romance would mash well with this song too!

And that’s what I did… and it sounds gorgeous! If you weren’t a fan of the crazy chaos in Rotterdam Romance, you’ll find this to be refreshing, more laid back, and reminiscent of early 90s house music.

But now I can’t decide whether I want to keep “Rotterdam Romance,” or just go with this new mashup which I’m tentatively calling “Feeling Romance.” Or, should I keep them both and make one big mix with both of them, or release them both separately?

Again, here’s the first minute or so of Rotterdam Romance:

And here’s the first minute or so of Feeling Romance:

Vote for what you think I should do with this in the poll below! And as always, feel free to leave additional comments.

One thought on “WIP: Rotterdam (Feeling) Romance: Need Your Opinion…

  1. I personally like the second one better, but both mix well. If you can figure a way to blend the two that may be the best of both worlds (or songs, as it were) but they do have completely different feels in that they could be separate.

    …So anyway I voted combine them since that would be cool. 🙂

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