Now it begins…

I’m alive!!!

Well ok, I have been alive for about 21 years now, but I guess you could say I’m now alive in the blogosphere. For ages people have wanted me to start a blog because they think I do interesting things. I’ve thought about making a website but then realized that most of my content is already hosted on many other sites around the interwebs. (YouTube, SoundCloud, etc.) This works out for you, reader, because you will no longer have to hunt them all down! They’ll all get embedded here! (or linked here, as the case may be)

That’s my main mission for this blog. I’ll also periodically just write about something that I think should be written about, or something I’d like your opinion on. I might even post up a work in progress see what you guys think about it.

With all that said, I encourage you to stick around! It’ll be fun! In the meantime, enjoy the forest while it lasts. I’ll be putting up a more appropriate header as soon as I figure out how. (Any other WP pointers you have would be appreciated!)

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