Drop Everything and Move… To A New State

One of these days I’ll figure out a way to update this blog more than a few times a year.

And that could very well be today, as through a series of sudden developments, I’m now living on my own Stillwater, OK. After 2 productive years I’ve left KTXS in Abilene and am now proudly working for the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education, or CareerTech for short. And despite how hectic everything has been in the two weeks up to that point, I’ve never felt more at ease.

For starters, as far as my instituional vamprism is concerned, I have been necromanced. Yes folks, this is a day job! While I am still adjusting back to it, this way feels so much better and more natural. For some reason, I feel like I have so much more time now, and am motivated to do more things, where in the past I just felt like sleeping most of the time. I’m not ruling out working the graveyard shift again in the future, (as my career may depend on it some day) but I would definitely prefer staying here. It’s so much easier to be social, and schedule things with friends and family.

But here’s the catch: I have no family or friends here, at least not yet. This isn’t my first time living “on my own.” I lived on campus for three years of college. But mom and dad were always a 15 minute drive away. Now, it’s more like 5 and a half hours. I’m truly on my own now, and while the prospect of that is still terrifying in some respects, it’s quite a liberating thing, in a sort of “master of your own destiny” kind of way. About a month in, and I’m enjoying having my own inner sanctum. With my first paycheck now deposited, we’ll see how far my finances will go…

I now live in a modest, aging two bedroom apartment. Rent is great for the space. It’s situated near a tranquil lake, pictured above. (filled with still water! #badpuns) I’m still working to unpack everything, but take a look at these totally candid shots! I’d say it’s coming along nicely. Living Room!  

Bit of the kitchen  Bedroom! 
Speaking of unpacking, I’ve come to realize something that bothers me: I have way too much stuff. This time, I had the luxury of leaving stuff at my parents’ houses. But if and when I move again, I’m going to need to seriously think about getting rid of somethings or pairing down. I’m not anywhere near the people you see on those hoarding reality shows, but I can see a major selloff of things in the future, as soon as I can emotionally detatch from them. (In other words, I don’t know why, but I can’t get rid of some of these things.)

More on my new job: I’m a Multi-Platform Media Producer for the show Oklahoma Horizon. You’ll get to hear me (and sometimes see me) talk about the awesome things going on with technology and education in this state. You can catch it on most public television stations around the state, nationally on RFD-TV, or on the web at our YouTube channel

In fact, here’s a couple of segments I’m proud of:

I’ll be posting direct links to things on my other social media outlets, so keep an eye out for that.

All in all, life is good. Many people, mainly my girlfriend, have noticed I’m a lot happier now axbout my job, my situation, and my life. I’m finally allowed to be my mellow self and let things come to me. I am at peace, and really, who could ask for anything more?

Super Smash Bros. 4… a game for everyone? – A Fan’s Perspective/semi-review

One of the things I’ve been catching up with since NaNo ended (and truth be told, lost a good amount of time to it during NaNo) is the new Super Smash Bros. that came out smack in the middle of last month. I can’t put the thing down. If this doesn’t at least win fighting game of the year by someone’s count, I’ll lose even more faith in the gaming press… somehow.

But it seems to be gaining some pretty high honors, as most Nintendo games do. And part of that, I believe, is that it’s a game that truly appeals to everyone.

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50,000 Words Later: NaNoWriMo 2014 Aftermath

Too late for a NaNo postmortem, you say? No, I’d say it’s just about right. This time last week I was sleeping in the glory of winning. Just hours before that, I was planted at a Denny’s with a delicious breakfast of french toast and unlimited refills of coffee at my side, charging through those last 1,600 or so words to the goal for my novel, “Enter Sma Man.” I was accompanied by the late night Denny’s wait staff, and a raucous, well-inebriated group seated on the other side of the dining room who swore “they were getting ready for church.” I think at one point they mistook me for a Hispanic friend of there’s. That was fun.

But after I got my manuscript verified, then typed in a hundred more words since it didn’t count my chapter headings for some reason, I took a break. All week. There was a whole lot I had been putting off in November that I had to catch up on. I also felt myself getting dangerously close to burning out on the story, which is never a good thing. If you’ll recall my last post just before November began, I said I couldn’t wait to begin “Enter Sma Man.” By that last week or so of NaNo, I couldn’t wait to be over and done with it.

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What I’ll be writing this NaNoWriMo… “Enter Sma Man!”

It’s November! Can you believe it? That means I and millions of others around the world are about to embark on a quest to write 50,000 words in one month, and have a blast doing it.

I told you about the novel I began last year in an earlier post. I pondered using this time of great motivation to finish it. I’ve been crawling ever since November ended. I’m now to about 85,000 words total, and just barely digging into the third and final act. I’ve come to the realization that I’m getting a little burnt out on it. (A huge contrast to last year at this time, where I couldn’t wait to get started.) So, I’m going to set it aside this next month and get to another story that’s been begging to be written.
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Candid thoughts after a year of institutional vampirism

Working the night shift sucks, (hence the vampire metaphor) but there’s much worse things out there. Unemployment, for example.

You probably remember last year when we talked about leaving my longtime job at KACU and I took on my first full-time job as morning producer at KTXS. Now, let me make one thing clear, I’m happy with my job. A lot. Becoming nocturnal, on the other hand, will be the subject of this post.

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I should at least be the Vice Treasurer of the “Last Year’s Model” Club

So, Apple’s out making stark raving news with the new iThings it unleashed upon the world. Lines are probably already forming at your local Apple store or other tech-savvy place that sells the goods.

It all looks great to me. Personally, I’m okay with my technology getting bigger. It’s harder for me to lose it that way. The features look nice, the new OS looks fantastic, and the Apple Watch looks like it might be just the thing to get people to wear watches again!

One thing that’s been said in many of the news outlets covering the big reveal is “The old iPhone models are already dropping in value!” Well, that’s just great. No, really.

I’m not being sarcastic. It is! That means it’ll be cheaper for me and the many others who can’t wait to snap those old models up.

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“No human life in the vicinity” … or is there?

“No human life confirmed in the vicinity,โ€ said Liam. With one year of experience in this line of work, there was much he knew of, and many precautions he knew he had to take. He was a temporal agent, a man charged with keeping the very fabric of time in order.”

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here, but I’ve still been writing, as you saw last time. But most of it has been for a novel that for now, I’m titling “CANON.”

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